Water heater

Installation of point-of-use water heaters, a certified Bellerose plumber will do all installations of point-of-use water heaters. Location of the water heater is the first step of installation. The location has to carefully be examined.

Do not install gas water heater where liquids are stored or used that emit flammable vapors. These liquids include gasoline, propane, paints, adhesives, thinners, solvent and removers. Remember, it takes very little air movement to carry flammable vapors quite a ways.

The water heater has a pilot with an open flame and this can ignite the vapors causing an explosion or fire. For these reasons, garages are not a good place to install these water heaters. Not only is the garage an undesirable location, so is bathroom and outdoor unprotected areas. So install the water heater that the open flamed pilot and main burner are at least 40 inches above the garage floor to reduce the possibility of igniting any spilled flammable liquid.