Faucet and Fixture

The range of plumbing fixtures you can install in your bathroom is huge. Most are based on a traditional layout: faucet head in the middle, handles for hot and cold water on either side.

Installing the Faucet

Attach hot and cold water lines to faucet assembly. They have standard screw-on fittings--hot on the left, cold on the right. When they are finger tight, give each a half to a full turn with your pliers. Place rubber washer over brass washer. Insert one mounting screw into gasket hole. Feed the water lines through the vanity's taping hole. While holding the faucet from above, secure the mounting screw in the corresponding hole of the faucet assembly from below. The rubber gasket should be the one making contact with the underside of the vanity. You may release the faucet assembly when it is stable. Set the drain fitting in the basin's drain hole.